Cyber Security Briefing

7:15am, Wednesday June 15th
Complementary Full Irish Breakfast
The Aviva Stadium

Keynote Speakers:

  • Pat Moran, Head of Cybercrime & IT Forensics, PWC.
  • Stuart Borgman, Director of Cyber Security Engineering EMEA, Palo Alto Networks.
  • Mark Fielding, CEO, ISME. 

Limited spaces.
Book early and be eligible to get a FREE
non-invasive, zero downtime Cyber Security Audit. 
Worth €2,500.

 This event is being held in association with:

Protect your IT network and empower your employees by giving them safe access to the applications they need to help your business to succeed.


  • Malware blocked.
  • Anti-virus included.
  • Automated security alerts.
  • Advises employees of potentially malicious webpages.
  • Receive risk reports showing:
    Top threats including blocked malware, spyware, viruses - as well as any potential malicious activity.


  • Detect application usage.
  • Identify user activity.
  • Receive usage reports showing:
    Top applications/programmes on the network.
  • Real-time bandwidth meter.
  • Optimise bandwidth by prioritising business critical applications.

Growth in Cyber Attacks on Irish SMEs
The frequency of cyber attacks against Irish businesses has risen from 25% in 2012 to 44% currently, a rate that is considerably higher than the global average of 32 per cent. According to PWC's 2016 Irish Economic Crime survey cyber attacks on Irish businesses has almost doubled since 2012 and the cost associated with cyber crime has jumped too.

This worrying trend isn't going unnoticed in businesses; Magnet's Regional Business Barometer found that businesses themselves are more concerned in 2016 than they were the same time last year. As a broadband provider Magnet are in a critical position to play a strong part in protecting businesses from cyber attacks before they even enter their network.

Magnet have partnered with the world leaders in enterprise network firewalls: four-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader, Palo Alto Networks, to offer our customers exclusively protection from cyber attacks. Moreover this will be the first time, globally, SMEs will have access to Palo Alto's enterprise level security.

Why Magnet Partnered with Palo Alto Networks?
Palo Alto Networks realised they needed to take a different route to beat hackers. Hackers were no longer nerdy teenagers looking for a badge of honour; today's cyber criminals are dedicated, organised, well-financed and intelligent individuals bombarding organisations with ever-changing attack tools and vectors.

Traditional network security products are simply incapable of enabling the next generation of applications, users and infrastructures while dealing with on-going threats. Palo Alto Networks embarked on building Next Generation Firewalls from the ground up and are now the fastest growing network security company of all time. 

Want to find out more?
Register your details above to attend the Cyber Security Briefing which is launching Magnet Protect: the first Palo Alto Networks enterprise level next generation firewall suitable for all business sizes and tailored to your needs.


Rodney Moore, Managing Director

Edel Flynn, Founder

Althaea Federlein, Commercial Director

Gary Foley, CEO


Magnet has invested over €120 million in developing one of the best telecoms networks in the country. Our business is agile and responsive to the needs of SMEs and corporates. The quality of our network is a distinct competitive advantage for us.

Magnet Networks is now the third largest provider of business telecoms in Ireland.

SMEs are our forte, from pioneering innovation solutions such as Office in a Box to carrying out the largest piece of SME research in Ireland we're always growing and learning about small businesses that lie at the pulse of Irish economy.